Generative Design Solutions for MEP Systems

The AEC industry is at a critical juncture in history. Building information modeling (BIM), cloud computing, and the growing sophistication of our building products have created the perfect environment for a new era. This is "The Era of Connection," a disruptive time when design, construction, and operational processes will be radically changed. At BuildingSP, we're working to leverage these concepts and revolutionize BIM.


We're very excited to introduce a series of generative design tools for MEP systems. Our first version of GenMEP will focus on electrical conduit routing. From within Revit, you can route any size conduit through buildings at the click of a button. The routing will be optimized according to the parameters the user sets, will have no clashes with other systems or Revit objects, and will be automatically modeled using standard Revit conduit families. GenMEP also works within point clouds without modeling the structures or MEP systems. You can see our first two demo videos here:

Expect to see more from us in the coming weeks as we announce our first beta release dates and full details on features. If you want to be considered for the beta, send an email to Follow us on Twitter @GenMEP.  

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