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ClashMEP - Continuous, Data-Driven BIM Coordination!


ClashMEP is fast! Immediate clash feedback with no perceptible lag


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Collaboration increases with ClashMEP, including shared environments


ClashMEP increases the value of other processes and apps

Friday is upon us once again (finally!). Here's a look back at what we've been talking about this week:

What does it take to be the ultimate BIM modeler? We took a look at the three traits that, when combined, make for a high-performing BIM practitioner. It's rare that these traits combine in one individual, but we make the argument that finding talented individuals to work together can be equally beneficial and garner similar results. WeWork has experienced unprecedented growth working in the same collaborative spirit and we love that they look at buildings as "giant computers." The WeWork system finds the best people, places, and spaces to build quickly and with an eye toward what members need and expect of their workspaces. Just as a proper application of BIM requires managing diverse talents to realize a single project, WeWork utilizes the talents of its broad and growing community to realize a vision.


The heart of a building is undoubtedly the people who spend their time there. (Source: WeWork)

It's nearly impossible for us to get through a week without examining the myriad ways virtual reality (VR) is impacting business. Aside from its usefulness as a tool for examining design elements and project plans in architecture, engineering, and construction (AEC), it proves beneficial in a broader business setting for its ability to improve focus. We examined how workplace distractions can hinder or even halt productivity, and how immersion in a virtual environment would provide a barrier to these distractions. We're also keeping an eye on the development of "exoskeleton haptic gloves" that will allow a VR user to actually feel their virtual environment. That kind of immersive environment would almost certainly curb the tendency to be distracted by outside forces that are a drain on focus (but we can't promise we won't take out a zombie here and there). 


These Dexmo Exoskeleton Gloves take virtual reality to a new level... literal reality? (Source: ExtremeTech)

Of course, for all of this new technology to make drastic improvements to our work, it must be adopted in meaningful ways that specifically aim to increase productivity. For construction labor, we asked why, while productivity in other sectors has seen great improvement, it has remained fairly stagnant in construction? Recent advances in technology have improved workflow in AEC, but have had little impact on getting a project completed. Equipment World speculates that one problem is the divide between tech language and construction language -- construction is very direct and precise while tech is often ambiguous and even convoluted. A streamlining of the language used for construction tech could break down the barrier to broader adoption and allow AEC to reap the benefits of advancements in the tech sector. 


This is Komatsu's intelligent Machine Control dozer. It pretty much does the work for you! (Source: Equipment World)

Our rapidly changing world is testing boundaries and redefining concepts we once considered commonplace. Take a look at how a new exhibition in Tokyo is examining the basic concept of home. A house with rooms in the windows? Yes, please! 


Each of these windows contains a full-fledged room. What an incredible use of space! (Source: Houzz)

What are you reading that you think will change the face of AEC? Let us know in the comments or drop us a line at info@buildingsp.com.

Development and beta testing of GenMEP continues. In response to user feedback, we have now added all standard conduit angles for routing electrical systems. Floating network licenses have been running flawlessly for over a month now using a cloud license server. We continue to look for additional beta testers! Let us know at betas@buildingsp.com.

Tags: Construction Architecture and Planning Virtual Reality

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